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At Systematic Business Consulting, we’re experts in manufacturing search and placement. For nearly a decade, SBC has partnered with more than 3,000 companies, providing top-tier talent solutions, from contingent to retained to RPO - all completely customized based on your unique needs. We provide quick service without sacrificing quality, which is something that most staffing agencies can’t offer.

Our Areas of Manufacturing Expertise


We have extensive coverage and support a number of established organizations with their management talent needs. We recruit a wide variety of skilled leaders with a proven record of success, ranging from Division Leaders to Engineering Directors to VP’s and C-Suite. Whether you are looking for a confidential search or are a candidate ready for your next challenge, we’ll advise on solutions that are designed to help you thrive.

Our tenured Engineering Recruiters bring a deep network of qualified candidates and great organizations to you. From project-based work to permanent placement, our team ensures that the candidate-company match goes beyond the resume, considering environmental fits and long-term goals. Partnering with SBC will enable you to have exclusive access to the highest caliber of specialized Engineering talent and career opportunities across the United States.

It is the pride of each of our employees that sets SBC apart, from how we present ourselves to how we treat each other and how we treat you. As manufacturing specialists, we understand the importance non-technical positions have in ensuring that the business runs smoothly. From administrative staff to marketing to human resources, our experienced team can help.

We have recruiters with technical backgrounds that can easily understand your needs and vet accordingly. Our President founded one of the largest technician recruitment firms in the world, resulting in deep networks and quicker response times. Industrial Electricians, Maintenance Techs, Electro-Mechanical, CNC Machinist, CMM operators, Field Service Techs, Quality Techs are high in demand and we expect industry growth in the years to come.

Controlling costs, within a predictable budget, is an important responsibility for any operations and logistics leader. Our team can identify cost-effective solutions, tailored to meet your business needs and production goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Our Industry Specialties

Metal Manufacturing

From pouring liquid metals into castings, forging steel, cutting, bending and fabricating into final Metal Products, we have experience in ALL AREAS OF METAL MANUFACTURING!!! We know what professional skills and traits are required to excel in this industry and understand where the talent is and what is required to recruit them. Once you have these qualified employees on your team, both your reputation and bottom line will benefit.

Building Materials/Construction

Manufacturing of building materials used in construction to Project Managers in charge of actual construction is a specialized industry that often ebbs and flows with the economy. We work with companies from the mining of material, manufacturing of products to the final construction of residential, commercial and industrial structures. We’ll use our expertise to identify job seekers who can positively contribute to your manufacturing company.

Energy Production & Distribution

We have extensive experience working with engineers, managers and technicians in the conventional, nuclear, wind and solar power production sectors. Companies that power America are vital to our economy, and directly benefit millions of Americans every day. We are committed to helping in the exploration through final delivery of energy related sectors. Our Division Lead served as CEO of an energy company.

Additional Specialty Areas

Food & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Quality Control is important in any type of manufacturing, but we all want to make sure what we put in our bodies (or our pets) is of the highest quality. Typically highly regulated, very clean and requiring continuous meticulous attention to detail in production. These manufactures typically pay better to make sure the quality of product is consistently of the highest quality. Our Division Manager is a former Executive for a Food Manufacturer and our President a former Executive for a CRO.

Electrical & Controls Division

From Technicians programming PLC’s to the production of Semiconductor chips, cables and automation equipment this division of our company overlaps some of our other specialty groups. This division is involved in finding talent in the actual production of the equipment to final installation (field service) and programming of PLC’s. Our President started one of the fastest growing Electrical Service Firms in the US for the Semiconductor Industry.

Paper Products Division

If you’re a top ten paper or carton producer in the US…chances are one our recruiters found your company talent in the past. Competition in the industry is fierce, so the need to find quality people that can add to profitability is at a premium. From making pulp paper to the printing of fancy brochures (and everything in between)…this division can help find the talent you need!

Plastic & Rubber Manufacturing

Most of the companies we work with in this area are in the automotive, food and building products Industry. These companies typically providing tires and other parts for cars, packaging of food and beverages and many common household items found in the house like PVC piping.

A Legacy of Excellence

Systematic Business Consulting is an organization that believes in people-powered innovation. Founder and President of SBC, Bill Laughlin, brings extensive knowledge in human capital and manufacturing, and he has a proven track record for helping small and medium-sized business build strong teams by having the right people in place.

After launching 12 successful businesses, including the largest military recruitment firm, Orion International, Bill founded SBC. His leadership and strong business acumen has helped American manufacturing companies and candidates thrive amidst challenging conditions. The SBC Team is on a mission to help organizations and their people thrive - connect with us to learn more.

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